Ellen Laurie

If you love contemporary watercolour paintings, then you’ve come to right place! My themes range from cacti, to floral wreaths, animals and hand lettered quotes and anything quirky in between.

Zarin Cenna

I take inspiration from many things, but in particular I look to nature and the world around me. I draw a lot of inspiration form my Bangladeshi and Islamic heritage, looking at the patterns, shapes, colours and even architecture, that I see in the culture as a whole. I infuse the ideas and concepts I have from my world and background, with newer elements that I become acquainted with as I grow.

Michelle Oakden

Creating art helps bring a sense of balance into Michelle's life. Through her artwork she feels the joy in creating something that's intriguing and beautiful, without needing it to achieve a specific engineering function! Working mainly with acrylic inks and metallics on watercolour paper she also creates acrylic abstracts on canvas.