Chalked Up Furniture Paint


Chalked up furniture paint was founded by Alyssa Mahony, a single mother of 3 wildlings residing in the Upper Hunter, a self-taught maker and designer who has been restoring and upcycling furniture for many years. She started making her own furniture paint for her own use after having no local supplier of an Australian made product, she shared that paint with friends and family who then encouraged her to start selling it after being so impressed with the quality and ease of use. 

Alyssa is passionate about the environment, mental health, upcycling, sustainability and has found a career that gets to help others achieve this in their own lives as there really is a great uplifting feeling when you’ve you turned an old run down piece of furniture into something new and loved again.

Chalked up furniture paint is a water based, low VOC paint that will adhere straight to almost any surface without needing to sand or prime first. It flows beautifully, has excellent coverage and is the easiest way to paint furniture. Its velvety feel and matte look are where its gets the chalk name from, and is perfect for updating out of style timber furniture instead of replacing for new. 

Along with her paint, you will also find protective wax, paint brushes, and a range of small painted pieces of furniture, painted old vintage bottles, jars and vases and beautiful scented soy wax bar room diffusers in store.

You can find Chalked Up Furniture Paint on Facebook and  Instagram