Colour Clouds

Leah Fawthrop.jpg

Colour Clouds was founded with a passion for the arts and a little idea... to experiment with textile design and make beautiful yet useful products for your home and life – bringing art, design and colour together. 

So much thought, skill and resources goes into creating each piece, and is completely unique. At Colour Clouds we make beautiful and useful homewares and lifestyle products.

One of the magical outcomes of using our dyeing method is that every single product we make is a one off, no two are exactly the same. They’re all dyed by hand in our Newcastle-based studio for people who value artisanal handmade products. Colour clouds is gorgeous lush textile design, with inspiration found in the natural world, with the patterns created suggestive of orchids and hibiscus as the colours cloud into beautiful floral patterns.

I always have new ideas bubbling up and I am constantly experimenting with new colour combinations and fabrics.

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