See Ya Sista


After studying Fine Art at the Hunter Institute NSW during the 90’s and at the Pilbara Institute WA from 2010-12 it gave me the confidence to showcase my work through solo and group exhibitions.

My early focus was on painting and drawing, but now I like to express myself through mixed media. I enjoy sculpture and exploring the options of assembled work on paper and timber. My pallet is collected, found, borrowed and recycled. Fragments of the environment are created by deconstructing, manipulating and reinventing local plants, sticks, and manmade found objects. The combination of these materials with design elements such as line, texture, repetition and colour allow me to produce intimate work. Collage, torn paper and cotton help to bring these assemblages to life. I look beyond the obvious and appreciate the beauty in the materials.

My work invites you to take a look into the world that inspires me. Each piece is unique and united by a common thread; the love of creating and the environment in which I live.

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