Flowers for Frida

Flowers for Frida

Flowers for Frida began in June 2016 as my own personal tribute to the iconic Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo. 

With over 10 years experience as an Artist, Art Teacher and Art Gallery professional, I have been long inspired by the body of work, story and legacy left by the incredible artist. 

Coinciding with the opening of the Sydney based Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition last year I decided that for 28 days leading up to my visit I would wear flowers in my hair like my dear Frida had all those years ago. 

Over the 28 days I wore flowers through all walks of my ordinary life; doing the groceries, going to work, yoga and school pick up. 

From 9am until 5pm I wore elaborate bouquets in my hair, and something amazing happened. I went from feeling nervous about standing out, to feeling proud to be different. I found that people wanted to talk to me about my project and that my world opened up to new friends each day. I realised that life didn't have to be so serious, I could be a professional and a parent while being playful and light.

When I let go of that self doubt the hole that was left was filled with an overflow of creativity and joy. 

Flowers for Frida changed my life. 

As 28 days came to an end I knew Flowers for Frida was meant to be a part of my future journey and that I wanted to share it.

Immediately I began making for anyone who was interested. 

For an emerging label things moved very quickly with exposure through local entertainment venues, music festivals, local artisan markets and a feature on the front page of a renowned Sydney newspaper. 

Since then my range has evolved into a diverse collection of combs, hair bands, crowns, hats, wall wreaths, and other ornaments all made using beautiful artificial flowers, fruit, jewels, shells and feathers. 

Each piece developed like a work of art, unique in it's appearance and it's inspiration, which I find in the style of great woman who've been before me, in both history and fantasy and from all aspects of nature. 

Flowers inspired by the soil, shells from the sea, feathers from the sky. 

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