Little Cuties Co


Newcastle based millennial artist, Kamal is always keen to find a way to make something interesting from various unused things around her, be it paper, plastic, threads, clay or colors. Inspired by her mother, she turned this habit into a hobby, and as time moves on, it started making sense out of this hobby and eventually, creativity was started being knitted organically.

Over the last 10 years,  Kamal has got the chance to work in India, the US and Australia as a Handicraft artist and as an art Instructor. She enjoys designing and creating Kids and women accessories, Home décor items and custom fashion accessories for special occasions to name a few. She also enjoys working with many local and International photographers for making unique fashion photoshoot accessories for various photoshoot requirements.

With a love for nature and her commitment to preserving it, all her products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

Kamal is always keen to learn new art forms and implement it in her work to make something with an imaginative leap and truly unique. Creative and innovative of the mind and entrepreneurial by heart, Kamal is successfully running her business venture under the name of Little Cuties & Co.

You can find Little Cuties Co on Facebook and  Instagram