Our Team

This is us. Our creative team behind the graphic design, website, photography and creative connections. 

We work to develop artists and makers businesses to thrive and grow and are here to provide an online  platform. Running a creative business is a tricky task, and we aim to make the graphic design, professionalism, photography and online presence for artists and makers so much easier and affordable.  Together we are working to make an artisans life that little bit easier, add a bit of spark and energy to each business and to expand the connectivity in our our artistic community.

Everything you make is so much more than just what you hold in your hands, it is a personal reflection and we will help you to get your story out there, and to make that connection with customers. 

You are special and what you make is special.


Leah Fawthrop

My passion is to facilitate connections between Artists, businesses and art opportunities. I founded Creative Village Newcastle to provide a platform for artists and makers to connect with each other, and create a retail space as an artists collective. We have formed a powerhouse collective in a retail environment, taking our artists to a new audience in shopping centres. 

My work history encompasses arts administration, event management, grant applications, community liaison, community cultural development, retail customer service, relationship building, community arts, arts management, office and coordination roles. My academic achievements include a bachelor of fine art UNSW, Diploma of Fine Art Hunter Street.  

I strive to facilitate art and cultural events that showcases the artistic depth and talent in Newcastle and the Hunter. By making these connections amongst creative people, we are able to create a resource of support amongst ourselves, thereby strengthening our own little businesses.  

Lee Illfield.jpg

Lee Illfield

Lee is the energy behind all the images of Artists and their work.  Lee will bring out the big happy grins, making you relax in to the groove of it all, to get the energy in each Artists shot. This amazing woman is the ultimate people person, and knows just how to make that connection to get the perfect shots of you and your creations.  

Lee strives to capture the grace, energy and enthusiasm of each artist and she thrives on making that connection and producing beautiful shoots. Besides taking beautiful landscape photographs capturing our beautiful coastline, Lee has absolutely succeeded in this direction of portrait photography, and styled product shoots.


Suze Freeman

Suze heads up a design studio in Newcastle NSW called Where Things Happen. 

She specialises in brand development delivering marketing and communication strategies to clients big and small with experience as an art director, designer and retoucher working on many well known brands in small and large creative agencies in Sydney, London and Newcastle. 

Over the last three years Suze has created a startup letterpress business offering small run letterpress printing to a range of clients including design studios and ad agencies, small businesses, cafes, bars, and engaged couples looking for bespoke wedding invitations. She also designs and prints greeting cards, tags, calendars, journals and notebooks.