Wearable Art

Jackie Smallcombe

Jackie's jewellery is of a contemporary style and she likes to focus on creating designs that will age with the wearer without dating. She draws on themes from her coastal surrounds and love of design & architecture. She loves the personalised & sentimental elements her jewellery brings to her clients.

Miranda Earle

Miranda Earle, has created a vibrant new world of pattern and colour with her hand- printed fabrics. Miranda has developed her own process of printing on fabrics using lino blocks and stencils to layer and blend colours. Miranda is continually developing new fabric prints and exploring new ways to use and display these works of art. 

Brown Paper Cowgirl

Many of my jewellery pieces are unique, some are repeated, but the handmade nature of the work ensures no two are ever truly the same.  And no paper is wasted! Each piece is water resistant, strong and lightweight – a pleasure to wear.

Colour Clouds

All fabrics are dyed by hand in our Newcastle-based studio for people who value artisanal handmade products. Colour clouds is gorgeous lush textile design, with inspiration found in the natural world, with the patterns created suggestive of orchids and hibiscus as the colours cloud into beautiful floral patterns. 

Natasha Lenaghan

Natasha is inspired by colours and forms in nature – shells washed up on a shore, fallen seed pods, a sunset.  Natasha’s current collection ‘Rockpool’ was inspired by sea urchin shells seen in rock pools on Algoa Bay (South Africa).  ‘Country’ was inspired by the intricate colours of the understorey of dry sclerophyll eucalypt forests.

Cherry Cherry Boom

Cherry Cherry Boom proudly brings you bright and beautiful statement jewellery which is artisan made and designed. With Cherry Cherry Boom quality of beads and workmanship is of a professional standard, made with integrity, flair and passion. 

Flowers for Frida

Flowers for Frida began as a small and personal tribute to the iconic Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, by local Artist and Art’s Educator Jade Hull. Jade has continued to create flower combs inspired by Frida Kahlo, she has also embraced other elements of the natural world which have long been a source for her inspiration.