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Meet the Maker – Cherry Cherry Boom

Cherry Cherry Boom launched in 2016 with the emphasis on big, bold and bright statement jewellery. Polymer clay artist Ruth Jadric certainly hasn’t failed there and maintains special pride in her ‘Big Bead’ necklaces.

Cherry Cherry Boom creator Ruth Jadric

Cherry Cherry Boom creator Ruth Jadric

It is these beautiful and unique handmade beads which are Cherry Cherry Boom’s hallmark. Ruth discovered the process through experimenting with making hollow beads. Polymer clay can be heavy when the beads become larger and she worked out how to keep bigger beads lightweight and comfortable to wear without losing their intricate details and bright colours.

Tell us your story - where did you begin?

I first picked up polymer clay in 1997 when I was a poor Post Grad student and I didn't have the funds to buy equipment like rollers and blades so my work was a little shonky, but I loved the potential of it from the first time I ever squished it in my hands. I re-discovered it again in 2014 and haven't put it down since. I bought a book by Donna Kato, one of my favourite polymer clay artists and began to make some beads and necklaces. I showed a friend who encouraged me to sell them on Etsy and that's how I began. I was trying to think of a name for my brand and Lady Gaga was on the radio, and from her lyrics Cherry Cherry Boom was born.

What inspired you to start?

Handmade Designs by Cherry Cherry Boom

Handmade Designs by Cherry Cherry Boom

My children had just started school and I had creative yearnings. I bought a few blocks of clay and some tools and just sat down one day and started making. I worked all day every day for about 3 weeks and was completely lost in the process. I always use a colour palette and spend a long time hand mixing colours. I think polymer clay straight from the packets is really garish and ugly and it's a big mistake beginners make with this medium. Artists don't paint straight from the tube and nor should polymer clay artists work straight from the packet. So I tend to work with colour schemes from pastels, to bright pinks and a recent palette of blues, purples and yellows which is very funky. My pasta machine is my clay mixing friend, it works pretty hard in my studio.


Describe your style and/or processes? 

I have so many creative ideas that they keep me awake at night, so I tend to plan a big project and then stick to it. It will start with a colour scheme and it can take a full day to blend and condition my clays to my chosen palette. Then I make polymer clay 'canes', 3D tubes of clay with the pattern inside, then I cut slices off and make beads. My Big Bead necklaces are made this way and I make them hollow so they are super light and easy to work with. I have also been working lately with classic monochromes colours - greys, black, white and navy - and adding gold and silver leaf. These are very popular and a joy to make as I don't really plan, I just see what the clay gives me. 

What was your biggest creative failure?


I spent hours last year making a lace cane from white and pink, then rolled dozens of beautiful beads. But I baked them with my oven on way too high and they came out brown and burnt. So even with my oven turned down (I cure them low and slow now) I have a fear of white clay. It is so hard to work with anyway as every fibre in the room seems to stick to it. I have to have my Zen on when I pick up white clay and everything has to be clean as clean can be.

Favourite piece you’ve created? 

This is the necklace I have used in a lot of my branding. It was my first Big Bead necklace and the colours and effects were stunning. I sold this at our Creative Village Hornsby shop. I don't now where it is, but I'm sure she is making someone's neck very happy.

Whats Next?

I want to keep experimenting with colour and working on my Big Bead necklaces. Yet I also have a Kawaii project going on where I am making miniature succulent earrings and pendants.

If you are someone you know is seriously into one of a kind funky chunky handmade decadence, then come into Creative Village Newcastle and check out Ruth’s unmissable designs. The Big Bead Necklaces have an adjustable chain setting and can also be re-sized by the Maker on request. Custom designs and colour combinations are also available.

If you love jewellery that gets you noticed, then Cherry Cherry Boom can be your new thing.

Pop over to Cherry Cherry Boom page to find out more about our talented maker. 

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