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White Space Crafts

Introducing Wendy, the green thumbed genius behind White Space Crafts


Wendy is inspired by the natural world, and uses home grown plants, and foraged items such as rocks and driftwood to create little worlds that the owner can escape into.

Each terrarium is lovingly handmade, meaning no two terrariums will ever be the same. All of our terrariums are made with low maintenance plants, and are even suitable for those without a ‘green thumb’.

We spoke to her recently to find out more...

1) Tell us your story?

We were living in a rental property and I desperately wanted to pretty things up and do some growing but with such limited space I decided to try my hand with succulents. I used all manner of pots and small containers and once the outdoor area was full they crept into the house and took over every jar and vase in the vicinity.

I had seen a terrarium in a fancy shop and thought I'd give it a go  - and I was in love with not only the finished product but the entire process. My friends are family were suitably impressed and began asking if I could make some for them, and then I began to fashion them as gifts.

It has been a lengthy process to reach the style of terrarium that I sell at White Space Crafts. My product are very unique as the plants themselves are only half the story, the aesthetics and layering of varying soils, sands and crushed pebbles make the finished product very much a small work of art.

2) What inspired you to start? 

So I had this terrarium making thing going on and my house was getting fuller and fuller, we were running out of living space as green things were taking over! I was encouraged by the enthusiasm of my friends and family to set about selling my product and actually starting a business.

I knew that terrariums were already a things so I did a lot of product research trawling markets and checking out the work of other local makers to make sure that my own product has its own point of difference. Clearly that difference is the aesthetic of my terrariums.  Other makers at Creative Village Newcastle liken them to perfect miniature worlds. Neatness and precision are a thing of mine and it is this attention to details and a flair for design that gives my work its edge.


3) Describe your style?

I work methodically, though my studio may not always look like that! Precision is key to the White Space Craft look. I love the feeling of what looks like horticultural bedlam coming together to make these tiny plant ecosystems. There is something so immensely satisfying in giving plants a beautiful space to thrive in. I'm a perfectionist, and that is reflected in my style. I work very intuitively and know that this goes with that to make an eye-pleasing creation. 

4) What was your biggest creative failure?

I once set about with a wholesome plan to make a wondrous shelving system for my plant pots. I hammered and sawed all day long, assembled my pots, patted myself on the back and went to bed. There was a storm in the night and the whole thing blew over, pots cracked, plants everywhere, it was chaos. It took a day to clean up and suffice to say I now have a much sturdier and safer shelving system. 

One of White Space Crafts giant designs

One of White Space Crafts giant designs

5) Favourite piece you’ve created? 

The bigger the terrarium is, the more fun I have with it. The really large ones can house such a wide variety of plants and I get to play with height and form. It is such a creative process and a real highlight of my working with growing things. My giant terrariums are always my favourite to make and there are never two the same. A giant beauty is sitting pretty right now in Creative Village Newcastle but my most super and best terrarium sits pridefully on my dining room table and she most certainly is not for sale!

6) Whats next for White Space Crafts?

I have a top secret new product coming out soon! I’m not giving away any clues just yet so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I am putting together some terrariums especially for teacher gifts, all pretty, all different shapes and sizes and a perfect thank you for a teacher at the end of the year. It beats giving them an apple anyway!

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