Zarin Cenna


I’ve always been a bit of a scribbler, absent mindedly drawing on anything within reach. Then 2015 I finally decided to make something with my passion and love for art. That was when I created Cenna Ink.

Ink is the tool of my trade, and the importance of intricacy and detail is the basis of my creations.

I take inspiration from many things, but in particular I look to nature and the world around me. I draw a lot of inspiration form my Bangladeshi and Islamic heritage, looking at the patterns, shapes, colours and even architecture, that I see in the culture as a whole. I infuse the ideas and concepts I have from my world and background, with newer elements that I become acquainted with as I grow.

I create in a way that I can attribute my artworks, to moments and experiences in life. I want my art to be functional, not just on walls,  but on everyday objects and things that appear in people's lives, drink bottles,  tables, skateboards, doors, just to to name a few,  all to add a bit of something extra to make even the most fleeting experience or encounter more enjoyable . 

My art is a very personal experience for me, and sharing it makes me feel as though I am sharing a part of myself with the world.

All I need is a few elements to form the basis of my work, and from there on I can run with it.

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